Kumi Naidoo lecture theme

Kumi NaidooTransformation and affluenza in an unjust, unequal and unsustainable world

Humanity is standing on a precipice. The convergence of multiple crises including the climate and environmental crises along with a shrinking democratic space, the rise of national populism and deepening global inequality as made the future of humanity seem bleak and unpredictable. How do we address these issues and effect deep transformational change in the face of the current political, social and economic situation? How do we “unadjust” ourselves to the over consumptive lifestyles that even those in the INGO and NGO sector have fallen victim too? How do we address affluenza, a disease that is crippling humanity? Understanding the role that all of us play as part of the problem is part of the solution but is only the first step. Bold systemic change requires courage and tenacity to challenge immoral conventions and orthodoxies.

Kumi will be speaking at 18:30 on the 31st of August – we will be streaming the event live and inviting questions for Kumi for the end of the talk. If you’d like to ask a question related to the talk then use #AskKumi and #TCONFDD17 on Twitter.

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