Transformations 2017

Registration Fee £345
(Available to 30th August 2017)
Student Fee £230
Register here for Transformations 2017
Conference Dinner £45.00
Register here for Conference Dinner

T-Labs 2017

  1. Culture/SHIFT: From communication to integration for transformational change Register here: T-Lab 1
  2. Transforming the Culture of Environmental Decision-Making Register here: T-Lab 2
  3. Learning from ground-up transformations for sustainability through the conflict transformation and alternatives framework Register here: T-Lab 3
  4. Action Research: Toward Impact with Transdisciplinary Research Register here: T-Lab 4
  5. Making Sense, Social innovation and Transformation Register here: T-Lab 5
  6. Transformational adaptation – wishful thinking or the secret to success? Register here: T-Lab 6

Facing the Future 2017

Facing the Future 2017 is a two-day conference and interactive workshop for Masters, PhD and early career researchers.
Both the registration and the waiting list, for the conference, are now full.  If you would like to hear about the content of the conference after the event, we will publish a link to any outputs here, at a later date.