Chris Freemantle

Chris Freemantle

I am a producer and researcher. I work with art in public life.

As a researcher I have been part of On The Edge Research at Gray's School of Art since its inception more than 15 years ago and am now a part time Senior Research Fellow. As a producer I work mostly on public art in healthcare, seeking to make more patient-centred places. I established ecoartscotland in 2010 to encourage and develop the relationship between art and ecology, ecology being the understanding of the relations between living things and their environments.

In his own words...

Sustainability not only challenges us because of its elusiveness, intangibility and ubiquity, but also because it doesn’t seem to have much to do with creativity. Innovation, novelty and development are pretty much hard wired into practices, discourses and pedagogies of art and design. The climate crisis along with water, air, land, food, waste, biodiversity and migration crises are matters of concern for artists and designers, and this is growing beyond activism to a wider ‘turn’ in arts and humanities. The arts and humanities are in turn perhaps most challenged by the shift towards co-production, fundamentally shared authorship. Agency and subjectivity are central to increasing sustainability.

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