Kate Irvine

Kate is a senior researcher in conservation behaviour / environmental psychology at the James Hutton Institute, focusing on people-environment relationships. She draws on an interdisciplinary background in molecular biology, natural resource management, conservation behaviour and environmental psychology to investigate the interface between people and their environmental settings (for example, natural, built, home, office) with an aim to develop bridges between issues of ecological quality, health/wellbeing and sustainability.

Kate is a member of the Economic and Social Research Council peer review college, a contributor to the UK’s Valuing Nature Network and a visiting research scholar at the University of Michigan with previous visiting appointments at University of Massachusetts and Johns Hopkins University. She was co-author on a highly cited interdisciplinary paper on biodiversity and wellbeing (Fuller, Irvine et al 2007) which was recommended by Faculty 1000 Review and has spawned a new area of research into the potential wellbeing benefits of biodiverse settings.

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