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  • Ian Kendrick
    Ian Kendrick

Ian is a founding trustee of H3Uni.

He has worked with Tony Hodgson for over 20 years, designing and deploying visual thinking facilitation techniques with teams and larger groups in not for profit and for profit organisations, at senior level. In addition to his role in H3Uni, Ian is CEO of a high-end music system manufacturer, and teaches strategic thinking and related subjects. Ian has worked with and supported musician and social activist Neil Young, especially in the field of online communities focused around a shared ethos.
Ian has a long career in innovation focused organisations, as Vice President of Corporate Development, facilitating the formation and transformation of senior teams to enable them to adapt to complex and rapidly changing conditions. Through this research based practical experience, and in collaboration with Professor Peter Kawalek of Manchester Business School, Ian developed BtF – Be The Future – an approach to continuous change and adaptation that starts with the idea of perception and reperception as a core dexterity to enable the initial impetus for change.

Ian’s consulting experience includes working with organisations large and small in the telecommunications, energy, pharmaceutical, education, oil and technology sectors as well as governmental bodies at local and national level. He is a Fellow of the RSA.

Immediately prior to the formation of H3Uni, Ian was General Manager of a Manchester UK based foundation, focused on enabling cross-cultural understanding and appreciation by exploring the historical roots of science. This included working with bodies such as The Royal Society, universities in the UK and abroad including MIT, major charitable institutions and governmental organisations.