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    Stephan Verveen

Over 20 years Stephan Verveen has worked on systems development for group collaboration in startup, corporate, government and scientific organisations. He has occupied roles ranging from software development, systems design and architecture to client relationship management and the facilitation of envisioning future potential. His experiences have accumulated into a firm belief that we can effectively transform the way we think and act together locally and globally, if we choose to do so.

In 2005 he became a first-time father of now three children. This personal transformation spurred his interest in ‘future-proof education’ that includes learning for all generations and has gradually become a central focus. In 2013 he joined the intrinsically rewarding quest to develop an experimental ‘university for the third horizon’ called At H3Uni we develop a shared practice for facilitating and training groups to become more effective in transformative innovation.

Based in the Netherlands, Stephan has a specific focus on the development of support for group learning based on a mix of (online) visual group facilitation, video capture, non-linear editing, archiving (building a group memory) and online distribution.

When he is not working he enjoys being with his family and friends and signing in a-capella vocal group B-SHARP!.