Transformational adaptation – wishful thinking or the secret to success?

Workshop outline Sniffer

Join us as we work through a real world scenario based around the City of Edinburgh.

The city of Edinburgh has a well-established Edinburgh Adapts vision and action plan. We will use these as the basis for exploring the difference between incremental and transformational responses.

We will delve in to the detail of pressures and opportunities influencing the city, reflecting on interactions between social, economic and environmental trends with a focus on climate change impacts.

Building on our knowledge of the city and vision for the future we will explore practical responses for three locations within the city. We will reflect on the challenges and opportunities created by approaching adaptation from a transformative perspective.

Who should attend?

The workshop is for anyone involved with or interested in climate change adaptation research, policy and practice. Although focused on Edinburgh there will be many transferable lessons for wider adaptation research, planning and action.

About the organisers

The session is being organised by Adaptation Scotland and will include adaptation policy makers and practitioners involved in the Adaptation Learning Exchange for Organisations.

Adaptation Scotland is a programme funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by sustainability charity Sniffer.